Roy Ayers x Roro x Risa Kumon

Feb 20,2016

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Backstage w/ the legendary Roy Ayers & Risa Kumon at BlueNote Tokyo. I was surprised to find out his nickname is Roro as well! Good times! 

バックステージフォトwith ロイ エアーズ! ロイのニックネームもロロだったんだって!


Roro New sns App Endorsement

Feb 19,2016


[最新音楽アプリ/New Music Apps]

Check out this cool new music app that I’m endorsing called, Wassapi! It’s free and easy to use for all music lovers! Check it out!

Press Release Info :

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Roro & Risa featured on Smirnoff Cm Narration

Feb 8,2016

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スミノフCMのナレーション収録♪Doing Smirnoff commercial

R2 Records 2015 Recap

Jan 1,2016


[R2RECORDZ 2015 ハイライツ] 今年も沢山の人達と出会い、色んな世界を体験し、大きく成長できた年になりました!今年お世話になった皆様ありがとうございました!また来年もよろしくお願い申し上げます! R2RECORDZ一同 These are just some photo of things that happen this year. We’ve met, worked with, and grew with so many people this year and we would like to Thank you all for the support in 2015! We look forward to all the things we have planed for 2016! Happy New Year to all!

Grammy winner Sadaharu Yagi on R2 RADIO W/ Katsuyuki Seto

Jan 4,2016

interfm-seto_yagi_1_2 interfm-seto_yagi_1_3 interfm-seto_yagi_1_4 interfm-seto_yagi_1_5 interfm-seto_yagi_1_6 interfm-seto_yagi_1_7

今夜のゲスト:グラミー受賞エンジニア・プロデューサー”Sadaharu Yagi” & 3Dサラウンドデザイナー・エンジニア”Katsuyuki Seto”
ロサンゼルスでエンジニア・プロデューサーとして活躍してる”SADA”(通称)はワイ・クリフやシェキーラ,36マフィア、リッキーマーティンなどなどの大物アーティストらの楽曲をミックスプロデュースしている日本人グラミー受賞エンジニア!そして”KATSU”は未来の音楽システム「3Dサラウンド」(5.1ch)をサウンドデザイン・プロデュースしているプロフェッショナリスト!今夜はそんな才人2人がR2Radio一周年記念&新年SPに特別出演!!放送は1月4日12am@ InterFM89.7Mhz!
Tonight’s guest for our first show of 2016 is Grammy award winning Audio Engineer, Sadaharu Yagi and 3D sound Designer and Surround sound audio engineer Katsuyuki Seto! Sadaharu Yagi has worked with Wyclef Jean, Shakira, Marc anthony and more so it was great to get him and Katsuyuki Seto on our show to get a deeper look into the world of audio engineering! Tonight’s show not only is a new year special but it marks 1 whole year since we’ve been doing R2 Radio show at Interfm897! Thank you all that continue to support and listen! Be sure to tune into our 1st show of 2016 tonight at 12 on Interfm89.7Mhz

You can tune into R2 RADIO in many parts of Japan on air by turning your stations to Interfm89.7Mhz for Tokyo and other parts of the Kanto area, 76.5MHz for Yokohama and 79.5Mhz for Nagoya!

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