[R2 Radio Ep.7 Guest: Eric Benét] 今年のバレンタインシーズン(2019)にBlue Note Tokyoにて来日公演を行ったRnB界のスター「エリック・ベネイ」 の独占インタビュー(字幕付)を公開!R2Radioの最新情報はR2radiojp.comへアクセスしてね♪いいね、コメント、チャンネル登録も宜しくね!This episode on R2radio we have 4-time Grammy nominated Singer-Songwriter, Eric Benet on the show! While Eric was in Japan on tour we sat down with him at Blue Note Tokyo to talk about his start, The ups and downs of the music industry and many more! This was a fun and insightful interview so check it out! 



Full episode:


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