[R2 RADIO EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW W/ KENJI JINO HINO ] 2019年12月のスペシャルゲストは日本のトップベーシスト、ソングライター、アレンジャー、プロデューサーの日野JINO賢治さんをお迎えします!NYで育った国際ミュージシャンであり、MISAやAIなど数多くの日本トップミュージシャン達をサポートするマルチタレントのJINOさん🎶日本が誇るジャズトランぺッター日野皓正の次男としての幼少期やキャリアについて沢山お話をお伺いしました!生演奏やホストとのジャムセッションもお見逃しなく!on this episode of R2 Radio we have Japanese Bassist, Songwriter, and Producer, Kenji Jino Hino on the show! Not only is he one of Japan’s top Bassist and son of legendary Jazz trumpeter, Terumasa Hino but, He has worked with artists such as Marcus Miller, Boyz II Men, Joe, Japanese singer Misia, Ai and many more! In this episode, Kenji Hino stopped by to talk about his career and how it was growing up in New York and making a name for himself. He talked about his transition from America to Japan, working with his father and more! This was an exciting interview so, we hope you enjoy!





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