{ROROがシャンプーブランドCLEARのTV CMにてラップ出演}


男性用シャンプー世界売上No.1のCLEARが開発した最新商品シャンプーのCMにROROがラップ出演!詳細はこちらからチェック→ http://www.clearhaircare.jp/campaigns/chakubo-teate/index.html

Check out R2 Recordz Artist, Roro Rapping in the new Clear Shampoo for Mens commercial for their  “CLEAR Headgear-Cover Plan” new Campaign!

Check it out! 


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The world’s first(*1) in-house scalp support system(2) “CLEAR Headgear-Cover Plan”.
Click here for details: http://www.clearhaircare.jp/campaigns…

The headgear is not only for safety and hygiene, but also represents professional pride. However, research shows that within 30 minutes of physical activity, the environment under headgear reaches a level of discomfort equivalent to being in a tropical rain forest(3), damaging hair and scalp with perspiration and humidity. CLEAR has come up with “Headgear-Cover Plan.” Just like resort facilities or sport gyms provided by companies to support maintenance of healthy minds and bodies of their employees, CLEAR proposes that companies should consider providing shampoo as bonuses to professionals who are constantly battling harsh scalp conditions. “Headgear-Cover Plan”, begins.

(*1) Source: ESP Research Institute, Inc., June 2016 (covering 200 countries)
(*2) Headgear-Cover Plan: an in-house scalp supporting system that sports teams and companies provide shampoo for scalp care to their players and employees who are required to wear headgear for work.
(*3) Source: 2016 Inside-Headwear Environment Research Institute. Within 30 minutes of physical activity.

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